Carolina Samorano

Assistant Director

The combination of the experience in covering the national scenario in newsrooms with the experience in communication consultancy, reputational crisis management and relationship building between private entities and government representatives is the main professional mark of Carolina Samorano.

Graduated from Universidade de Brasília (2009), she has practice in strategically planning Public Relations both on and off-line, in coordinating multidisciplinary teams – especially in integrating narratives aimed at different stakeholders – and in managing hostile scenarios, the most emblematic being the political and health crisis triggered by covid-19, at which time she worked as team coordinator at the Ministry of Health’s Communication Office.


Also as a communication consultant, she helped created customized strategies for different clients in the private sector and professional associations, interested in influencing the debate on the most relevant topics at the government, including the Tax and Administrative reforms, foreign policy and public advocacy issues, as well as regulatory issues related to health policy in Brazil.

As a reporter, she won major journalism awards, most of them for special news coverage on health and public policy. The list includes the CNT Journalism Award, the CNH Economic Journalism Award and the Bradesco Longevity Award.