Dávini Ribeiro


The political-institutional and legal environments have been part of Dávini Ribeiro’s work experience since she started studying. During her undergraduate studies in Journalism and Photography (IESB), she was an intern at the Ministry of Justice – where she had to plan and carry out activities with the press – and at the Agriculture, Livestock and Supply Commission of the Chamber of Deputies – where she covered meetings and hearings. At the Public Defender’s Office for the Federal District, she became familiar with legal topics, and she was responsible for planning and carrying out actions with the press.

Later on, she had more opportunities to broaden her view of the National Congress and of legal issues. She joined the Communication team of the Brazilian Youth Parliament, a Democracy Education project of the Chamber of Deputies. In this role, she produced content for the project’s communication channels and covered events.

When she became part of the Agência Brasília, she added to her résumé the experience of communicating for a local Executive Power. She closely monitored the political scenario of the capital and participated in government promotion strategies.

More recently, she joined the Branded Content team of the Metrópoles Portal. In this media outlet, she improved her knowledge on communication applied to marketing and corporate language, due to the portal’s special projects. This included planning, coordinating, and holding events and special content such as podcasts.