Ana Malta


Ana has 28 years of experience as a reporter, press officer and project coordinator. She has extensive experience in Unions and Professional Associations, with expertise in various legal topics as she actually has two degrees: a journalism degree from Faculdade de Filosofia e Ciências de Belo Horizonte and a law degree from Faculdade Milton Campos, majoring in Criminal and Public Law.

Also in Minas Gerais, she provided public relations services to the Association of Judges and the Bar Association of Minas Gerais (OAB -MG), being responsible for the legal content of the entities sent to TV Justiça and specialized media. In Brasilia, she worked for the Association of Brazilian Judges, where she produced and reviewed content for judges, and managed the relationship with the press, as well as crisis.

She worked for the main radio stations in Minas Gerais, such as Itatiaia and CBN, in addition to coordinating the journalism team as responsible for the implementation strategy of the radio station BandNews FM in Belo Horizonte. Reporter, reviewer and sub-editor at the newspaper Estado de Minas, she was a finalist for the ESSO award, having received a distinction for the series of reports on the participation of public prosecutors from Minas Gerais in the so-called slot machine mafia.

In Brasilia, she headed the team of journalists from Agência do Rádio Brasileiro, which prepared articles for the Ministries of Health and Agriculture. Back at CBN, she worked as a reporter for the Executive Office of the Brazilian President, in addition to covering judgments and trials in the higher courts of the country.

At FSB Comunicação, she produced and revised legal content related to the Social Security Reform, for an informational/interactive portal that resulted in more than 300 thousand views in two months and more than four thousand calls in real time. At the same agency, she integrated a content production team for social media with a focus on the educational actions of the National Industry Confederation.