Fernando Teixeirense


Journalist with 20 years of experience in the communications market, he is a specialist in Corporate Communication and Image Consulting, with a strong emphasis on infrastructure issues. He took the postgraduate course on Sustainable Development and Environmental Law from Universidade de Brasília.

With an extensive experience in the private and public markets, he worked for the largest corporate communications companies in the country, being responsible for assembling and managing the office of JeffreyGroup in Brasilia, in 2018-2019, where he worked for clients such as Bayer, Citi, Huawei, Wiz Soluções, Albert Einstein, Helibras, Airbus, Salesforce, Abradee, Beach Park, among others. He was, for 9 years, Director of Service at FSB Comunicação, during 3 of which he was Director of Private Accounts. During this period, he organized the agency’s infrastructure nucleus, serving important sectors of the economy, such as transportation, energy, logistics and telecommunications. As director of Government Relations at FSB, he coordinated services to more than 15 companies during Petrobras’ CPI (Parliamentary Investigation Commission), in addition to having worked for Coca-Cola, Adidas, BMG, the Government of Goiás, Gerdau, Suzano, Previ, among others.

His experience in public communication started in the Ministry of Defense, where he worked during the Satellite Launch Vehicle (VLS) crisis in 2003. For eight years he worked in the mining and energy areas, at the very moment that Brazil appeared as an important player, with a mostly renewable energy matrix. He developed communication strategies for Eletrobras and, as a Special Communication Officer and Head of Communication Services at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, he was at the forefront of the communication strategies for the Incentive Program for Alternative Energy Sources – the main diversification program of the Brazilian matrix. He traveled all over Brazil, promoting debates and meetings with the press and opinion makers about the Program “Luz Para Todos”, the largest rural electrification program in the history of the country. He played an active role during the natural gas crisis with Bolivia and in disseminating the discovery of the Pre-Salt layer. He also participated in the Santo Antônio, Jirau and Belo Monte hydroelectric power auctions, promoting national and regional activities to cover the works and their impacts from a social and environmental point of view.

Also in public communication, he coordinated the Civil Aviation Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic and led the communication process in airport concessions.

As a journalist, he worked for Correio Braziliense and TV Nacional.