Gabriella Ledo


Social Scientist graduated from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in 2011, having started her career as a scientific initiation fellow in the research group Culture, History and Urbanism, of the Postgraduate Program in Urbanism, from the same university. She has a postgraduate degree in Public Policy from UFRJ Institute of Economics, where she researched on public policy, and government and state policies, finishing her course in 2016, with the thesis Public Policy: the case of the Programa Cultura Viva which sought to understand the theoretical and institutional pillars, the innovations and the maturing of the program, in addition to the changes in status from government policy to State policy. In 2017, she participated in the first class of the specialization course on Institutional and Governmental Relations from Associação Brasileira de Relações Institucionais e Governamentais (ABRIG), in partnership with Instituto Euvado Lodi (IEL).

With a multidisciplinary approach, she brings her educational background, focused not only on public policies but also on political, urban and cultural sociology and human rights to TORRE, acting as a specialist in data and contributing in all special projects and elaborating strategic plans for each client, in addition to managing content produced by the company.