Juliana Boechat


Journalist with 10 years of experience, specialized in dealing with complex legal and regulatory issues, having coordinated TORRE’s cases such as reversing trends in procedures held at the Federal Court of Accounts and other court claims. Besides acting as a political reporter, she managed accounts at large private infrastructure, logistics and financial groups, in addition to public companies.

At the beginning of her professional career in news coverage, she was a reporter at the National Congress and Superior Courts. In order to work with corporate communications, she specialized in social networking team coordination at Udacity.

Between 2011 and 2017, she worked as a press officer at FSB Comunicação, one of the largest companies in communication and public relations in the country. For six years, she was part of the Policy Department, covering topics of interest to clients in the Federal Government, taking part in public bids and holding strategic positions in public clients such as the Department of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Tourism, when she coordinated a team of six people in the social networking area.

She was part of the committee that defined Brazil’s promotion strategy during #TourDaTocha (Torch Tour) over 26 states and the Federal District, in May 2016. During the Olympics, she led a multi-ministerial team that produced content for Casa Brasil in social networks, under the supervision of the Federal Government.

Before that, as a reporter, she worked at Correio Braziliense, where she covered proceedings in the Legislative Chamber, as well as the electoral dispute between Joaquim Roriz and Agnelo Queiroz, in 2010, and for the Noblat Blog, covering the daily lives of the National Congress and the Judiciary – with a focus on Superior Courts.