Liliam Rezende


Journalist for 15 years, Liliam is a specialist in media relations and has a postgraduate degree in Politics and Parliamentary Representation. She works with communication consultancy, team and project coordination, content production, image crisis prevention and management, relationship with the media and opinion makers.

She was the communication coordinator of the Department of Science and Technology of the Federal District, where, in addition to being in charge of the relationship with the press, she developed projects to improve the corporate image and the reputation of the agency, establishing a closer relationship with the local media. Also in the Federal District (GDF), she became head of the public relations department of the Urban Cleaning Service (SLU, for the acronym in Portuguese) in 2012, where she worked on the strategic planning to raise awareness about the importance of waste sorting, which resulted in the best rate of dry and organic waste sorting up to 2014.

She was a member of the press department for the Social Service for Trade of the Federal District (Sesc-DF) for five years, preparing action plans for communication projects, producing subsidy material for the Federation’s spokespersons, press content and implementing strategies focused on spontaneous media.

She worked as a press officer at the House of Representatives for six years (2004-2010), following up legislative projects, and committees, producing news and announcements and managing the social networking of some of the members of Congress.

She also worked as a reporter for the Federal District Trade Federation Magazine (Fecomércio-DF).