Gabriela Visconti


Journalist, specialized in content production (multimedia, digital and print) and media relations for public agencies, private companies and the third sector, notably in the energy, mining and civil construction industries. She combines the métier of journalist and content producer with her expertise in Social Media Marketing, an area in which she has a specialization degree from the Brasília Marketing School (BMS) and Udemy, in addition to the new journey she has just embarked on, an MBA in Marketing at Universidade de São Paulo (USP).

For more than three years, she worked as communications advisor for the Ministry of Mines and Energy, where she gained specialized knowledge in the areas of electricity, oil, natural gas, biofuels and mining, having a diversified role in the areas of operation of the Ministry.

In the press arena, she was in charge of relations with journalists, provided assistance and accompanied the Minister on trips and meetings around the country, in addition to organizing press conferences. On the digital side, she took care of all Ministry’s social networks, from the production of arts/cards and advertising texts to the monitoring and measurement of results.

As a communications assistant, she handled the production, editing and revision of content for the Ministry’s official channels, such as releases, news, notices, notes and reports. She also contributed to the preparation and layout of reports, bulletins and infographics, both in English and Portuguese, of the Executive Secretariat, for rounds with national and international investors. The materials were distributed in countries such as the United States and Israel, and focused on auctions and programs linked to the areasof operation of the Ministry. One of the examples was the Assignment of Rights for a Fee.

As far as multimedia is concerned, she implemented the first podcast of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, “Alta Tensão”. Under supervision, she drafted the strategies, script, recording, presentation and editing of the product. She was also responsible for the entire operational and creative process of the Ministry’s institutional videos.

At an agency, she worked in customer service, social media management and digital marketing for a civil construction entity.