Lucas Santos


The combination of experience in corporate communication – especially in large agencies – and the familiarity with communication dynamics of public agencies and authorities are the main professional highlights of the consultant Lucas Santos.

With a degree in journalism from the Universidade de Brasília (UnB) in 2017 and an MBA in Public Policies in Ibmec, Lucas had the opportunity to live through critical scenarios such as the impacting national truck drivers’ strike in 2018, as a member of the Federal Government’s communications office. Still in terms of his institutional work at the Federal Government, he worked at Capes (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel), where he participated in the structuring of the integrated communication team. In that body, the routines included the promotion of public policies on education, research and projects, in addition to the coverage of institutional events and press relations.

The versatility between traditional advisory activities (offline) and social media was the result of the combination of the public and private environments where he worked: in addition to federal agencies, he joined the staff of Terracap (Development Agency of the Federal District) and large Public Relations agencies. During such period, he performed functions and activities of strategic importance for private clients: planning, creation of key messages, analysis of scenarios and preparation of content for the press and digital media.  The topics were as diverse as they were complex, with emphasis on issues such as Tax and Administrative reforms, development policies and financial institutions, state tax scenarios, land tenure regularization and political and economic situations in general.