Natália Ribeiro


Specialist in Press Office, Corporate and Institutional Communication and production of content for social networks, Natália is a journalist, with a degree in Social Communication from Instituto de Educação Superior de Brasília (IESB).

She began her career at Correio Braziliense as a content analyst for out-of-home media and social networks, curating, producing, editing and reviewing news, entertainment, corporate and business content.

Her advisory experience began, still as an intern, working mainly with public sector clients in media training and social media data analysis, at FSB Comunicação. For almost three years, she served clients in the technology, entertainment, retail and public sectors at the Jeffrey Group, assisting with strategic planning and production of institutional content and for social networks.

With the experience acquired in retail, she started at Agência Pub serving exclusively the Nestlé brands, implementing communication plans, promotion, influence marketing, crisis management and position alignment campaigns and strategies, supporting executives in strategic agendas and during interviews.