Nina Salvador


The profile of the journalist Nina Salvador is in line with TORRE’s expertise with complex cases due to her extensive experience in government advisory services and federal legislative structures. In her more than ten years in the market, she has worked on issues both diverse and sensitive.

At the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety, for example, she was responsible for promoting the activities of the National Secretariat of Justice (Senajus, for the acronym in Portuguese for Secretaria Nacional de Justiça) and the National Secretariat for Policies on Drugs and Asset Management (Senad, for the acronym in Portuguese for Secretaria Nacional de Políticas sobre Drogas e Gestão de Ativos).

Also during the time she worked for the Federal Government, she was responsible for the digital communication of the Ministry of Transportation, currently the Ministry of Infrastructure, in addition to having actively participated in the launch of the Investment in Logistics Program (PIL – for the acronym in Portuguese for Programa de Investimento em Logística) – referring to the first packages of concessions for federal highways.

At the Ministry of Health, she complemented her experience with critical and emergency communication scenarios, by providing press services to the Extraordinary Secretariat for the Fight Against Covid-19 (Secovid, for the acronym in Portuguese for Secretaria Extraordinária de Enfrentamento à Covid-19).  She also assisted the Health Surveillance Secretariat – SVS (for the acronym in Portuguese for Secretaria de Vigilância em Saúde).

As a press advisor to members of the Federal Chamber of Deputies, she worked in covering their agendas during official events, in thematic committees of the Chamber and at Parliamentary Investigation Commissions (CPIs, for the acronym in Portuguese for Comissões Parlamentares de Inquérito) – in addition to assisting the press and producing content for websites and social networks.