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TORRE Comunicação e Estratégia is a consultancy company specialized in legal, political and regulatory communication that creates and overturns contexts and narratives through structured actions for companies and institutions.

TORRE is deeply committed to producing CONCRETE results for clients, by changing or reinforcing public and/or behind-the-scenes trends, debates and narratives. Each strategic plan prepared by the company takes into account the specificities and needs of clients, which include not approaching the media when this proves to be inefficient to reach the expected success.

TORRE is a pioneer in the use, in a professional and structured way, of strategic communication actions in legal proceedings, when cases combine political and public opinion aspects that challenge the good application of the Law. For these dynamics, TORRE has developed an exclusive product: the Communication Planning for Lawsuits.

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The company has vast experience in crisis management and a collection of emblematic “cases” of success in obtaining results in court and regulatory proceedings.

More than a communication agency , TORRE is a business consultancy through communication. One of TORRE’s differentials is its 360-degree analysis of the scenario, based on its team’s experiences with bodies of the three Government Branches and the press. Our vision goes far beyond journalistic debates, including the official agenda, behind-the-scene issues, protocols and language of the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary Branches, control bodies, class entities, organized civil society and public opinion as a whole.


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    Para reportar condutas potencialmente antiéticas e/ou ilegais, envie mensagem para compliance@torrece.com.br.