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One of TORRE’s differentials is its 360-degree analysis of each scenario. Traditional communication advisors tend to rely on the media agenda. Our vision is to develop a diagnosis that goes much further, also including the backstage of the Three Government Branches, class entities, civil society and public opinion. As we understand the nuances of each environment, we can safely determine each type of action.  This is the starting point for offering services that are best suited to each client.

Meet our services
  • Strategic Communication Planning and Image Management

    Based on the expertise of our team working with the three Government Branches and the press and its 360-degree view of the scenario in which clients are inserted, TORRE prepares plans focused on concrete results, with shifts in and/or reinforcement of public and/or behind-the-scenes trends, debates and narratives. Each strategic plan takes into account clients’ specificities and needs, which include not approaching the media when this proves to be a risk. More than a communication consulting company, TORRE is a business consultancy through communication.

  • Communication Planning for Lawsuits

    TORRE’s exclusive product. At TORRE, there is a team of consultants specialized in the country’s legal and regulatory environment, with a vast portfolio of cases and clients. Here, the communication planning is drawn in fine harmony with clients’ legal departments, respecting the idiosyncrasies and timing of court proceedings and directing narratives in order to improve the ambience of clients’ legal and technical arguments.

  • Crisis Management

    Crises, by definition, potentially damage the reputation of a person or institution, but with legal, economic, financial, management and legitimacy risks and/or consequences. We carry out procedures to minimize or resolve image and reputation crises, with strategies appropriate to the needs of each client (either within the three Government Branches, or in the media). The management of critical situations requires very expedite measures, with the creation of a crisis office, an emergency survey of internal and external data, preparation of arguments and documents, preparation of spokespersons and relations with the press and other opinion makers.

  • Training on Postures and Narratives

    The complexity of the legal, political and media environments in Brazil requires from institutions and spokespersons much more than rehearsing arguments and the ability to express them. TORRE specializes in repairing mismatches between organizations’ values, actions and statements (both internal and external) in relation to their main audiences. We offer coach and media training sessions adjusted to clients’ scenario, in order to identify and prevent problems of narratives/postures, recreate messages and measures, and increase confidence during statements.

  • Image and Reputation Diagnosis

    TORRE merges subjective assessments with technological tools to indicate the degree of acceptance of arguments, flags and the overall image of clients by different audiences. This in-depth mapping includes pointing out institutional ways and approaches to broaden and qualify the dialogue with stakeholders and influencers, in addition to positive visibility (if applicable). Clients are surprised by reports that reveal interrelationships between actors and facts that were not included in the media agenda and public debate.

  • Press Office

    With a team formed by journalists who have worked for the main newspapers in the country, TORRE designs effective strategies for lasting relationships with the media, through the exchange of relevant information with the main journalists in the country.

  • Event Conception and Planning

    TORRE organizes events that improve clients’ relationships with their main target audiences. The process’ intelligence is based on the design of themes, proposals, dynamics and explicit or subtle narratives of events. It includes workshops, webinars/webmeetings, seminars, lectures, conferences. TORRE’s team monitors suppliers and advertises events.

  • Strategic Communication Lectures, Courses and Seminars

    TORRE’s team, composed of senior professionals, offers internal and external lectures, courses, workshops and seminars for clients. Such events are able to support the guidelines and positions of the company/association with its internal audiences or its main stakeholders.

  • Comprehensive Analysis

    TORRE is in charge of translating and interpreting the media and institutional scenario for clients, delivering this data in the form of oral presentations, newsletters or other formats more suitable to clients. The differential of the consultancy’s reading lies in its 360-degree view of the different areas, extrapolating the media analysis.


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